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Backed by the reliable and trusted technology of product manufacturer SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH, the Clearblue® brand promises women and families accurate results and peace of mind when it comes to testing for pregnancy or ovulation at home. Choose from our range of Pregnancy, Ovulation, and Fertility products that offer innovative and customer-friendly features. We were the first to bring you a one-step pregnancy test, a urine sample indicator, plus unmistakably clear digital results. And we'll be the first to give you the confidence you need to make knowing for sure, easy.

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Testing for Pregnancy

When a woman suspects she is pregnant she might greet the prospect with joy – or panic. If you suspect you might be pregnant, the first thing to do is be sure. You can quickly check if you are pregnant with a home pregnancy test. While many women think they must see their doctor for accurate pregnancy results, the truth is Clearblue® pregnancy tests are as accurate as a doctor’s test. Clearblue pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate in laboratory testing when used from the day of the expected period, so you can feel confident about your result in the comfort of your own home.

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Finding Your Two Most Likely Days to Get Pregnant

Trying for a baby is a very exciting time in a couple's life. It may seem surprising to know, however, that 1 in 2 couples could be trying to conceive at the wrong time. Most people don't realize that there are only a few days in a woman’s cycle when intercourse can result in conception – and only 2 days when it is most likely: the day prior to and the day of ovulation. Getting pregnant can be as simple as getting your timing right. That's why women turn to ovulation tests for help increasing their chances of conception. More specifically, 9 out of 10 women would choose Clearblue® Digital Ovulation Tests over other brands. It's the most accurate reading ovulation test.

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Reducing the Time It Takes to Conceive a Baby

Ready for a baby? When the feeling hits, it's all that's on your mind – whether you've just started trying or have been for months. That’s why Clearblue® gives women and families maximum confidence when trying for a baby with the Clearblue Fertility Monitor – the #1 brand recommended by OB/GYNs. It's the most advanced home method available, and it's non-invasive and easy to use.

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